Urban Permaculture Design Course Fall, 2015-2016 Urban Permaculture Design Course Fall, 2015-2016

This six month course starts on November 14, 2015. This is Grow Permaculture’s 14th internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certification Course, based on Bill Mollison’s work. This course will unfold 1-2 weekends per month over six months, from Nov 14, 2015, to March 2016. Permaculture design offers regenerative techniques, tools and... [Find out more...]

Detailed breakdown of dates and topics for Tampa Bay weekend PDC

Below you will find a schedule of Fall 2015 PDC, and some of the highlights that we will cover for each weekend.  We provide glossaries, outlines, additional written materials, self-testing material, videos and more, to assist you to access and absorb the information. Please note that there are sometimes changes in this line up based on needs of students/instructor... [Find out more...]

Financial Permaculture – Miami – May 31-June 4 Financial Permaculture – Miami – May 31-June 4

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Natural Building at Pine Ridge – August, 2014

This summer, for three weeks we will immerse ourselves in natural building at Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. You will learn to timber frame, build with cordwood, cob and straw bale on a walipini green house and a mixed media building. Dates: Aug 1-Aug 20. Further details to be announced. Set aside the dates on your calendar! You can read more... [Find out more...]

Kid’s Permaculture Camp! Kid’s Permaculture Camp!

We’ll be holding a one week permaculture kid’s day camp this summer from June 16-20 at Moccasin Lake Park. This is our first kid’s activity in Florida and we’re excited. This will be a weeklong immersion in the magic and beauty of the natural world, in the context of learning permaculture principles. Kids ages 8-12 will experience... [Find out more...]

Permaculture in Cuba Permaculture in Cuba

Roberto Perez, Cuban permaculturist and spokesperson in the film  The Power of Community will be speaking at two locations in South Florida on August 14 and 15. Roberto will be sharing some of the successes of permaculture in Cuba. For instance,  Havana has an extremely successful urban agriculture network that feeds more than 1/2 of the people... [Find out more...]

Urban Permaculture Design Certificate Course 2013 – Tampa Bay Urban Permaculture Design Certificate Course 2013 – Tampa Bay

The course will be taught during 6 weekends over 6 months: July 13-14, Aug 10-11, Sep 21-22, Oct 19-20, Nov 16-17, and Dec 14-15. Learn to design your life to be regenerative and abundant at the beautiful Moccasin Lake Nature Park in Clearwater FL. Instructed by Koreen Brennan, designer and teacher. Welcome to our 2013 Urban Permaculture Design Course! We... [Find out more...]

Fall 2012 Urban Permaculture Design Course, Tampa Bay

Permaculture design works with nature to create abundance for all living things. Permaculture principles and techniques cover a wide variety of topics, all of which are covered in this course. You will learn: Natural building techniques for Florida – cob, straw bale, yurt, earthship, do it youself, and others Alternative energy choices – ... [Find out more...]

Mocassin Lake Mocassin Lake

We are excited to be partnering with Moccasin Lake Nature Park, a 50 acre wild reserve in the heart of the most populated county on the East Coast – Pinellas – for our early 2012 series of courses and workshops. The park offers many opportunities to learn from the natural world as well as some exciting permaculture design potential. We... [Find out more...]

Course Outline for Six Weekend PDC

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Benefit Corporations – are they a solution?

What if corporations had to prove they were having a net and material positive impact... 

Kickstarter campaign for Pine Ridge

We’re doing another Kickstarter campaign for Pine Ridge this year to pay for... 

Pine Ridge reservation food forests

It’s almost May, there is two feet of snow in the swales we dug in 2011 at... 

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Grads in Action

A Permaculture Farm in the Miami area

Graduates Mario Yanez and Elena Naranjo run a wonderful project in Homestead, near... 

Bill Bilodeau: urban permaculture and community building Bill Bilodeau: urban permaculture and community building

Bill and Grow Permaculture student volunteers at the Faith House Bill is a real pioneer... 

Jayne Cobb does it at school Jayne Cobb does it at school

Jayne Cobb and Ellen Teeter got their permaculture garden going strong after the... 

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