Free Introduction to Permaculture, Feb 22, 2020

Want to get a better idea of what permaculture really is and what it can do? What does sustainability and whole system design have to do with permaculture?

Permaculture design is an effective tool to help you really make a difference, whether by gaining access to healthier food, reducing pollution, healing the earth, creating more economic stability, or building stronger and healthier communities. Explore what permaculture can do for you and your life. Be the change you want to see!

This three hour free workshop will cover what permaculture can do for you and for society from a number of different angles. We will introduce principles that you can use with your own gardening or home or community, to grow healthy food, and create more resilience and abundance.

You will learn specific permaculture design techniques you can apply immediately to increase abundance for yourself and loved ones while helping the environment. Permaculture design gives you the tools to:

– Grow healthy, organic food with little maintenance needed, by working with nature
– Use permaculture principles even in an apartment or condo
– Reduce costs of living
– Tap into or help build supportive community networks
– Achieve more economic stability
– Design your life toward more health and abundance
– Join us at this information, lively and interactive lecture.

Koreen is a permaculture and edible landscape designer and is in demand as a keynote and transformational speaker on the subject of abundant living.

1-4pm on Feb 22 at United Church of Christ, 2601 54th Ave S, St Petersburg, FL 33712

To register for the FREE workshop or for more info, email courseinfo at growpermaculture dot com, or call 727-495-6145. (We ask that you include your city, and a description of how you found us?)

This intro is leading up to the March classes see for details.