A Permaculture Farm in the Miami area

Graduates Mario Yanez and Elena Naranjo run a wonderful project in Homestead, near Miami. A 22 acre permaculture farm supports a LEED housing neighborhood created to help homeless get back on their feet.  There is also a new LEED building that houses a commercial kitchen, classroom/meeting area, farmer’s market space and storefront.  Mario is thinking big and has created food summits, hosted a financial permaculture conference and continues to create training opportunities for the residents of the program and many others. Elena and Mario are trying everything permaculture on the farm, from large aquaculture ponds to plant guilds, herb spirals, keyhole beds, integrating animals, and intensive tree cropping moringa alleys.  We are excited to see where this project will go – they are already accomplishing a great deal and there remains huge potential.  http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/02/10/3224016/healing-gardens-horticulture-therapy.html

Miami students continue to expand

Roots in the City Overtown project is now offering a Farmer’s Market from 1-4 every Wednesday.  Overtown is the Harlem of Miami, with a rich history of culture, that has been economically devastated by a freeway running through the middle of it and a number of other factors.  PDC student Maggy Pons is working on six gardens in Overtown which will provide fresh, organic food and economic stimulus to the neighborhood. Food stamp purchases are doubled at the market, encouraging consumption of healthy, organic food and the support of locally grown food.

Marcus Thomson will be holding an Intro to Permaculture lecture Tuesday, April 27, from 7-9 PM.

You will learn common sense easy application techniques on sustainability along with the joy and wonder of a vibrant future you can create for yourself and others! Contact Marcus (Deva) for early registration. Love, peace and light…
Location: The Sacred Space
Address: 100 NE 25th Street in Wynwood
Contact: 954-856-3775
Cost: $60 at door, $30 in Advance! (that’s 50% off!)

More info at:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=110372132314453

Miami permaculture students in action

IMGP3356Graduates of the recent Urban Permaculture Design Course in Miami have not wasted any time applying what they learned.

Marcus Thomson, who organized the course, got his first permaculture design job before the course ended – installing a food forest in a suburban yard.  He has offered to employ other course graduates for this project and is in the process of looking for more design work. He has planned a series of seminars on permaculture as well, and has offered to bring other graduates in on a community garden project in Little Haiti.  He is already applying permaculture techniques to gardens and planting areas of Earth N Us farms, collecting and planting seeds, seedlings, sheet mulching with terra preta and using plant guilds.

Nancy Arraiz has also gotten her first job as a permaculture designer, installing rainbarrels for a household.  She has started designing her own yard and is burning terra preta to enrich and stabilize her sandy soils.

Linda McGlathery is planning the planting of native edibles in a public space to beautify a homeless housing project.  She is also in discussion with project management to create water catchment and a planting area for the homeless.

Ben Thacker has been planting fruit trees and veggie beds at a school for youth at risk for some time, and is now incorporating more permaculture techniques in his work.

Maggy Pons (only able to attend part of the course) was already managing six community gardens in historical Overtown, under the name of Roots in the City.  Because of what she learned in the course, she has now created the beginnings of a mandala garden and keyhole beds and is using sheet mulching techniques and rainbarrels – she is also contemplating planting a food forest.

Check back to read about more adventures from Miami PDC graduates!