New energy arriving in Haiti

One of our team members who spent several weeks in Haiti as a first responder, Andrew Larsen, has put together a contingent of experts to return to Haiti on May 9 in order to expand the delivery of sustainable sanitation solutions.  He will be returning with Joe Jenkins, author of “Humanure” and a leading expert on composting human waste, and another sanitation expert from Australia to work with the Give Love project ( and expand on the work Rodrigo Silva continues to do in the sanitation arena.  Andrew has continued to work with his university to bring interest to the Haiti project.

Cory Brennan of Grow Permaculture (formerly Permaculture Guild) will be traveling with the group and additionally will be touring with a representative from the Ministry of the Environment to give recommendations on remediation of erosion and  other environmental degradation.  We will be solidifying relationships with local NGOs and educational organizations created earlier and planning future projects.  Paule Jacque, a Grow Permaculture (formerly Permaculture Guild) PDC graduate from Miami and Haitian, will meet the group in Haiti to help coordinate expansion activities via her connections.  Paule has been working with another graduate, Linda McGlathery, to create economic opportunities in Haiti in the form of cooperative business models.

Our intention is to create the conditions for rapid growth and expansion of sustainable solutions in the core devastated areas – the pieces are gradually coming together, and like an ecosystem, we are finding the beneficial connections we need to flourish with balance and sustainably – stay tuned for more news as the story unfolds.   There are so many worthy projects with heart occurring in Haiti – we would like to assist and facilitate all of them,  and we feel we can do so by observing the system thoughtfully, creating connections where they will do the most good, and utilizing energy wisely.