Intensive Permaculture Design Course Florida, Oct 21- Nov 1, 2016

20151031_104323Our fall 2016 course will be Grow Permaculture’s 17th internationally recognized Permaculture Design Course, to be held Oct 21-Nov 1, 2016.

This is an intensive two week professional-level course held at our permaculture farm north of Tampa about 10 minutes from Brooksville, FL. Students will have the opportunity to participate with and observe farm-scale permaculture systems installation and learn in an immersive environment – interacting with appropriate tech, greenhouse aquaponics, perennial food systems, animals, solar and more. This is a diverse farm with many different elements and examples of permaculture that can be translated to a wide variety of settings, urban or rural. The course will address strategies and techniques for both urban and rural areas in different climates and circumstances.

Instructors: Koreen Brennan, others TBA.

There will be an optional field trip day Oct 20, and there will be apprenticeship opportunities after the course, for those who would like to delve more deeply into applying what they’ve learned.

For people who may have difficulty spending 12 days on the design course, we will provide on-line materials that can replace up to 3 days of the course time.

By cooperating with nature and her energies, we are able to design human systems, from backyards to neighborhoods, farms or even cities to be more abundant, more long lasting, more ethical, healthier for all life in the system, and more enjoyable. Permaculture is a cutting edge approach to living that helps both people and the environment.

The course is designed to offer multiple opportunities including career mentoring and pathways, community building opportunities, resource networking, skill building, as well as what is for many, a life changing experience. We will offer written materials and study aids and exercises before the course and urge students to use them, as you will get much more out of the course. If you complete these materials, you will receive three days’ credit and can attend 9 days only.

Some of the subjects covered include:

  • Permaculture design ethics and principles
  • Master planning and site analysis
  • Reading the landscape
  • Pattern recognition in nature and society
  • Organic, intensive gardening and farming
  • Edible landscaping, food in small spaces
  • Soil building
  • Composting and vermicomposting
  • Designing sustainable water use
  • Water harvesting and greywater techniques
  • Building food forests
  • Agroforestry and ecoagriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Alternative pest management
  • Natural building, regenerative building technology
  • Reducing energy costs in your home
  • Best forms of alternative energy
  • Appropriate technology
  • Self-reliant living, urban and rural strategies
  • Boosting your career with permaculture
  • Sustainable economies
  • Increasing quality of life through “placemaking” design
  • Community revitalization and rebuilding
  • Successful strategies for intentional communities, ecovillages and cohousing, urban and rural

This course exceeds the requirements laid out by permaculture founder Bill Mollison for the internationally recognized 72 hour Permaculture Design Course. The training provides a deep and wide overview of permaculture design, with skill sets you can apply immediately. It is a thorough introduction to a subject that has many levels and areas of expertise and professional practice. Further study is available through our apprenticeship programs and advanced study.


Who Takes This Permaculture Design Course?

  • Artists
  • Do it yourselfers
  • Educators – homeschool, teachers, professors
  • Gardeners
  • Green architects/builders
  • Green consultants
  • Homesteaders
  • Landscapers
  • Natural health practitioners
  • Non-profit/community organizers
  • People who care about the earth and each other
  • People who love healthy food
  • Permaculturists
  • Policy makers
  • Professionals (of many types)
  • Recent college graduates
  • Students
  • Urban and rural farmers
  • Vegan, raw food, slow food, and/or local food
  • Yoga practitioners

Early bird course fee is $1100 through July 30, 2016. Full price is $1350. This fee covers all costs, including materials, three healthy meals per day and camping. Our courses are an investment in yourself and your future – you will make and save far more than the course cost, to the degree you use the information in the course. A non refundable deposit of $300 will hold your spot.

To register for the course, pay via our PayPal button on the right side of this web page. We offer a limited number of partial scholarships and work study.

For questions or to register outside of PayPal, contact Taina at: 727-495-6145 or


“This course changed my life forever. It changed the way I look at everything, and gave me tools to address problems I thought had no solutions. It reinvigorated my connection to, respect for and love of the natural world and increased my understanding of it tremendously. It made me feel powerful and able to change things rather than helpless or apathetic. It gave me hope again, a renewed purpose for life and so many tools that I never dreamed existed! It brought back magic to my life, lightness, and fun!”

“Realization: Permaculture is a thought process that can be applied to all systems.”

“This course is the most exciting one I’ve ever attended because it’s all about finding solutions and connecting people together.”

“I found this course to be very intense and comprehensive. At first it was a bit overwhelming but the key points were repeated over and over as the course progressed. About halfway thru the pieces started to fit together. Then we got lots of real universe examples of existing permaculture farms and installations. Discussion made me start to think about application and discern the successful from the less or non-successful.”

“The comprehensive dovetailing of skills, data and disciplines which then got used to create a design came together so beautifully – I know I can do this now.

It’s like a giant puzzle that you work and work till all the pieces fit . It changed my thinking and made me so much more aware. I believe that I am more responsible, aware and empowered from knowing what I now know.  And there’s hope for the future.

I also feel I have met my GROUP!  The friendships and contacts I’ve made on this course will be for a lifetime. “

“I’ve had my permaculture friends tell me this course changed their life. I never understood why, or what the fuss was about, until I did the course myself. It is a paradigm shift to a much nicer and better paradigm. Don’t hesitate to do this course!”

“I would highly recommend this course, taught by Koreen and her associates to anyone who has great concern for the future of this planet and the destructive path it is on.”

“Permaculture is the solution we have all been waiting for. As permaculturists, “We are the ones we have been waiting for” to save ourselves from ourselves. Koreen is incredibly knowledgeable and has experienced many areas of the world first hand.

If you have been feeling at a loss and discouraged this is your last chance to educate yourself as if the earth herself were revealing her deepest secrets on how you can help her.

This is what permaculture is.

Grow Permaculture far exceeded my expectations, even after years of experience working with organic gardening methods already.”

“I really enjoyed the whole PDC experience. I knew I would, but it was even better than I had thought. I loved the detailed theoretical classes in which I learned how to build soil, how to make it faster than it would happen naturally, how plants benefit each other. I also liked the hands on experiences a lot, it made many concepts so much clearer. I enjoyed the teacher’s methods, and the warmth of the teachers’ helpers. It was a learning experience in every single level not to mention a great opportunity to meet nice people and grow.  Thanks!!!”


Grow Permaculture is a professional permaculture design organization that does consulting, design work, and education for a variety of projects. We have a permaculture farm near Brooksville. We create guilds with community, business and other human elements as well as with trees.  We are invested in co-creating our local community to be everything it can  be. We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to co-create an intentional community and weave beneficial connection into the fabric of everything, regenerating both human culture and the natural world in the process.