Permaculture is a cutting edge sustainable design science that aligns the design of human systems with the laws of nature. The result is higher yields, with less resources used and the reduction or elimination of waste – because nature wastes nothing.  Permaculture design embraces all aspects of human systems – food, water, ecology, the built environment, tools and technology, education, health and wellness, finance, and community.  It is an integrative and holistic practice that offers solutions for almost any structural or environmental problem that humans might face.  Permaculturists grow jungles in the desert, clean up radiation from soils, and heavy metals from lakes, produce intensive amounts of food from degraded soils, build beautiful, strong, safe houses for under $20,000, help restore local economies, bring communities back to life, and much more.

Grow Permaculture (formerly Permaculture Guild) is a permaculture and sustainability consultant and teaching organization dedicated to forwarding the practices of consciously designing human systems to produce more, while doing less harm.  One area of focus is on high poverty areas that exist within very degraded environments – these situations can illustrate the power of permaculture solutions and we feel that our future and survival is bound up with all others.  We organize and administer projects, we teach the Permaculture Design Course and related topics, and we do consultations and design work in Florida, in SE US,  at Pine Ridge reservation, SD and wherever we are needed.  Our paid work allows us to continue our volunteer work in impoverished communities and degraded environments.

Join us at our new domain that matches our name Grow Permaculture.com