Detailed breakdown of dates and topics for Tampa Bay weekend PDC

Below you will find a schedule of Fall 2015 PDC, and some of the highlights that we will cover for each weekend.  We provide glossaries, outlines, additional written materials, self-testing material, videos and more, to assist you to access and absorb the information. Please note that there are sometimes changes in this line up based on needs of students/instructor availability (we have sometimes had surprise visits by veteran designers for instance).

Weekend One

Permaculture principles, patterns and design

9 AM to 5 PM

Location: Clearwater, FL (14 Nov TBA, 15 Nov is at Moccasin Lake Park, Clearwater, FL)

Nov 14-15,2015

  • Learn to work with nature, instead of against her

  • Apply permaculture principles and design in any setting or circumstance

  • Recognize and use the patterns of nature to increase abundance

  • Get practical tools that can be immediately applied to your life to increase abundance and quality of life

  • Hands on design techniques – zones, assessments, sectors, mapping, and more

  • We will cover an overview of the scope of what permaculture is and what it can do for your life and your community

To register for this or all weekends, call Taina at 727-495-6145

Weekend Two

Secrets of the natural world – energy patterns of trees, water, land

November 21-22, 2015

9 AM – 5 PM

  • Special guest instructor

  • How to bring the magic of nature into every aspect of an urban environment through conscious design

  • Think like an ecosystem

  • Climates, strategies for temperate, drylands, tropical, subtropical and changing weather patterns

  • Rainwater catchment and sustainable water use

  • The transactions of trees – mimic the powerful energy transactions of trees in your design

  • Simple  secrets of building soils – how to grow lush, healthy plants anywhere

  • Broadscale applications with water and soil – transforming the landscape

  • Hands on techniques for preparing your land for regenerative abundance

Weekend Three

Growing food sustainably and abundantly

Work with nature instead of against her to create abundant organic gardens

and “food forests” that need little work to maintain.

December 12-13, 2015

9 AM – 5 PM

  • How to grow food in Florida, the easy way, from seed to harvest

  • Jump-starting a food supply – feed yourself within one season

  • Integrated pest management (organic)

  • How to design and build a Florida friendly forest garden – plant lists, guilds, step by step implementation, propagation, low-water and no-water techniques, and more

  • Animals in a permaculture system

  • Hands on techniques

  • Container gardening, aquaculture, urban farming, agroforestry, small integrated farms, making a living by growing food

  • Wrap up of food forestry specifics – designing, plant choices, etc

Field Trips and Hands-On Activities

See what is going on locally that will impact our future, get hands on experience,

and define careers and purpose.

Dates – 9-10 January 2016

  • Get into the garden and plant! Hands on intensive will assist you to integrate classroom learning.

  • See examples of permaculture in action.

  • See “green” buildings, organic farms, etc, and get feedback from experts on how to improve the designs using permaculture principles.

Weekend Four

The built environment and appropriate technology

January 23-24, 2016

9 AM – 5 PM

  • Learn to retrofit your built environment to reduce costs and help the environment

  • Ctting edge “green building” and how to solve problems of the built environment yourself with creative, low cost or no cost solutions.

  • Natural building techniques

  • Alternative energy and technology

  • Appropriate tech workshop – solar power, rocket stoves, and more

  • Putting it all together – integrating the off grid homestead for maximum production

Weekend Five

    Financial and social permaculture – invisible structures

February 20-21, 2016

9 AM – 5 PM

  • Creating a regenerative local economy

  • Alternative approaches to creating abundance – how and why do time banks, local currencies, etc, work?

  • Business and community guilds; how to create abundance through connection

  • Social, economic and energy aspects of city and town life – practical solutions that work

  • Urban design – visible and invisible structure design for the specific challenges in cities and towns

  • Community building strategies and social permaculture

  • Intentional communities, increasing quality of life through permaculture design

Weekend Six

Saturday: Disaster permaculture – creating resilient systems, where do we go from here?

Design presentations

March 19-20, 2016

9 AM –56 PM

  • Efficient ways to create more resilience for yourself, family and community.

  • Design for disaster – key elements to understand.

  • Where do we go from here? Options and resources.

  • Sunday: Really Free Market, design presentations, and afterparty

Financial Permaculture – Miami – May 31-June 4

FPC 14 Poster (BRENNAN) May 31 [New] (1)

Natural Building at Pine Ridge – August, 2014

This summer, for three weeks we will immerse ourselves in natural building at Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. You will learn to timber frame, build with cordwood, cob and straw bale on a walipini green house and a mixed media building. Dates: Aug 1-Aug 20. Further details to be announced. Set aside the dates on your calendar!

You can read more in depth and support our fundraiser for this if you feel moved to do so, at:

These structures will be built at the Oglala-Lakota Cultural and Economic Revitilization Initiative (OLCERI), an experimental and demonstration permaculture site on the reservation.  The greenhouse, designed by the Lakota founder of OLCERI , Bryan Deans, will be passively heated and cooled, and used for an experimental aquaponics system. These buildings are designed to create pathways to more sustainability, self-reliance, and resilience.

Additionally, you will have opportunities to learn other skills such as animal care, water conservation, erosion control and more.

Other volunteer positions available through the summer and into fall. We need gardeners especially, starting in late May.  Please sign up for our newsletter for further news on these offerings, or check back on our site!  Also, sign up in our Facebook group too:

Kid’s Permaculture Camp!

kidsWe’ll be holding a one week permaculture kid’s day camp this summer from June 16-20 at Moccasin Lake Park. This is our first kid’s activity in Florida and we’re excited.

This will be a weeklong immersion in the magic and beauty of the natural world, in the context of learning permaculture principles. Kids ages 8-12 will experience Coyote Mentoring while learning wilderness skills, how natural systems operate, and permaculture principles, all through action and observation learning in this beautiful 50 acre park.

Activities will include:

Basic tracking skills
Team building
Planting seeds and plants
Native American skills
Observing nature through a variety of fun, active exercises
Designing with nature
Easy wild edibles

Cost: $75-125

For more information or to register, contact Moccasin Lake Park at:

Enrollment is limited and class is expected to fill up – so register early!


Koreen Brennan – homeschooler and long time educator, Koreen loves taking kids into the woods and sharing the magic of nature. She has done so in the Redwood Forests, Everglades, Colorado Mountains, Sonoran Desert, and in backyards  all over. Koreen uses Coyote Mentoring, action learning, and other immersion learning techniques, and kids love it!

Jayne Cobb – as a Montessori teacher for many years, Jayne understands kids and what gets them excited and motivated. Her kids’ garden is so successful that it is now being replicated in other areas and she has spoken on a national level about educating through nature.