A Permaculture Farm in the Miami area

Graduates Mario Yanez and Elena Naranjo run a wonderful project in Homestead, near Miami. A 22 acre permaculture farm supports a LEED housing neighborhood created to help homeless get back on their feet.  There is also a new LEED building that houses a commercial kitchen, classroom/meeting area, farmer’s market space and storefront.  Mario is thinking big and has created food summits, hosted a financial permaculture conference and continues to create training opportunities for the residents of the program and many others. Elena and Mario are trying everything permaculture on the farm, from large aquaculture ponds to plant guilds, herb spirals, keyhole beds, integrating animals, and intensive tree cropping moringa alleys.  We are excited to see where this project will go – they are already accomplishing a great deal and there remains huge potential.  http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/02/10/3224016/healing-gardens-horticulture-therapy.html