Fall 2012 Urban Permaculture Design Course, Tampa Bay

Permaculture design works with nature to create abundance for all living things. Permaculture principles and techniques cover a wide variety of topics, all of which are covered in this course. You will learn:

  • Natural building techniques for Florida – cob, straw bale, yurt, earthship, do it youself, and others
  • Alternative energy choices – geothermal, solar, wind, hydrogen, which is best and why
  • Successful organic gardening in Florida soils
  • Urban homesteading and survival skills
  • Creating a backyard forest garden
  • All about edible weeds, using worms for fertility, medicinal herbs, healthy food, compost, mulch, getting high production fruit trees, perennial vegetables, and aquaculture
  • How to design naturally while strategically managing resources- all in an organic way, so it becomes a part of your thinking
  • Sustainable economics – how to create resiliency, fairness, and abundance through working with nature – cutting edge business models for stable, long term economic health
  • How to work with nature to create abundance for all living things
  • Regenerative permaculture communities – creating abundance through cooperation

This course offers a Provisional Permaculture Design Certificate. Whether you want to change your personal environment or embark on an exciting career, this course will give you a chance to see permaculture design in action, get hands on experience, and get feedback from experienced designers
on tough design problems.

Seven Weekends – 15 September through 18 November

Moccasin Lake Nature Park, Clearwater, Florida

All Weekends: $1050. Or purchase each separately for $190.

Weekends four and seven are $125 and $100 respectively.

Register today. Call Bob Lawrason at 727-831-5832

Seating is limited and we expect to fill to capacity, so register early.

For more info, call Bob Lawrason or email him at bob@growpermaculture.com

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Permaculture Design Course Curriculum

Weekend One

Permaculture principles and design

September 15 & 16, 2012. 9AM to 5 PM

  • Learn to work with nature, instead of against her.
  • Learn to apply natural permaculture design in any setting or circumstance.
  • Recognize and use the patterns of nature to increase abundance.
  • You will be able to immediately apply these permaculture principles to your life to increase abundance and quality of life.
  • Learn what permaculture is and what it can do for your life and your community.

The first morning of this course is FREE!

To register for this or all weekends, call Bob Lawrason at 727-831-5832

Weekend Two

Secrets of the natural world – energy patterns of trees, water, land

September 22 & 23, 2012. 9 AM – 5 PM

  • How to bring the magic of nature into every aspect of an urban environment through conscious design.
  • Think like an ecosystem
  • Capturing water and sustainable water use
  • The transactions of trees – mimic the powerful energy transactions of trees in your design
  • The secrets of soils – how to grow lush, healthy plants anywhere

To register for this or all weekends, call Bob Lawrason at 727-831-5832

Weekend Three

Growing food sustainably and abundantly.

Work with nature instead of against her to create abundant organic gardens and “food forests” that need little work to maintain.

October 6 & 7, 2012. 9 AM – 5 PM

  • How to grow food in Florida, the easy way, from seed to harvest
  • Jumpstarting a food supply – feed yourself within one season
  • Integrated pest management (organic)
  • How to build a Florida friendly forest garden – plant lists, guilds, step by step, free resources, propagation and more
  • Container gardening, aquaculture, community gardening, sustainable urban farming, sustainable agriculture, making a living by growing food.

To register for this or all weekends, call Bob Lawrason at 727-831-5832

Weekend Four

Optional – Field Trips and Hands-On Activities

See what is going on locally that will impact our future

and define careers and purpose.

October 13 & 14 2012. 9 AM – 5 PM

  • Get into the garden and plant stuff!
  • See examples of permaculture in action.
  • See “green” buildings, organic farms, etc, and get feedback from experts on how to improve on it. Permaculture will take you beyond the ordinary!

To register for this or all weekends, call Bob Lawrason at 727-831-5832

Weekend Five

The built environment and appropriate technology, financial permaculture

October 27 & 28, 2012. 9 AM – 5 PM

  • Learn to retrofit your built environment to reduce costs
  • and help the environment
  • Learn about cutting edge “green building” and how to solve problems of the built environment yourself with creative, low cost or no cost solutions.
  • Natural building techniques
  • Alternative energy and technology
  • Basic cob building – hands on workshop
  • Creating a regenerative local economy
  • Alternative approaches to creating abundance – how and why do time banks, local currencies, etc, work?

To register for this or all weekends, call Bob Lawrason at 727-831-5832

Weekend Six

Urban Permaculture

Special guest speaker, Toby Hemenway, Author of Gaia’s Garden.

November 3 & 4, 2012. 9 AM – 5 PM

  • Forest garden design and use – get your questions answered.
  • Social, economic and energy aspects of city and town life – practical solutions that work.
  • Urban food, water and land issues and how to solve them.
  • Visible and invisible structure design for the specific challenges in cities and towns.

Toby Hemenway is one of the most experienced urban permaculturists around. We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our students. See Toby’s bio at: http://www.patternliteracy.com/biography-for-toby-hemenway

To register for this or all weekends, call Bob Lawrason at 727-831-5832

Weekend Seven

Saturday: The power of community!

November 17 & 18, 2012. 9 AM – 5 PM

Creating community is rewarding and efficient. Learn simple techniques to create or participate in intentional community, co-housing, community gardening, and positive activism and, for artists, Artivism!

Sunday:  Students will present their final designs.

To register for this or all weekends, call Bob Lawrason at 727-831-5832

Permaculture Design Course Instructors

  • Lead instructor: Koreen Brennan (see bio at: http://www.permacultureguild.us/links/)
  • Special Guest: Toby Hemenway, Nov 3-4. http://www.patternliteracy.com/biography-for-toby-hemenway
  • Other Special Guest Speakers:
    Robert Kluson, Soil Scientist
    Marie Nelson, PhD, Financial Permaculture
  • Bill Bilodeau, The St. Petersburg Permaculture Guild
    “Jungle Jay”, Appropriate Technology
  • and many more illuminaries!

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To register, call Bob Lawrason at 727-831-5832

Why Take Our Fall Permaculture Design Course?

Permaculture is short for permanent agriculture or permanent culture. By cooperating with nature and her energies, we are able to design human systems to be more abundant, more long lasting, more ethical, healthier for all life in the system, and more enjoyable. It is a cutting edge approach to living that helps both people and the environment.

This is the comprehensive internationally recognized 72 hour Permaculture Design Certification course, based on Bill Mollison’s work. Permaculture design offers regenerative techniques, tools and design principles to enable you to live abundantly while caring for the environment and the people around you. Working with nature allows you to grow food with less work and expense, create stronger economic networks, and increase your overall quality of life, while using less, and creating less pollution.

This fall’s course is the most comprehensive and intensive line up we’ve ever offered. Our choice of expert speakers, field trips, focused hands on activities (that give you step by step real skill sets), well-organized written materials, and design tools are the result of feedback from dozens of students from previous courses. We welcome feedback, and we respond to it. We apply Permaculture Principles #4 – Accept feedback and apply self-regulation.

Systems (whether homes, work places, gardens, farms, communities, local economies, or cities) that are designed with permaculture principles and techniques use resources in a regenerative way, ensuring that we, our children and our grandchildren will have access to all the resources they need.

Here’s what our graduates say:

“This course changed my life forever. It changed the way I look at everything, and gave me tools to address problems I thought had no solutions. It reinvigorated my connection to, respect for and love of the natural world and increased my understanding of it tremendously. It made me feel powerful and able to change things rather than helpless or apathetic. It gave me hope again, a renewed purpose for life and so many tools that I never dreamed existed! It brought back magic to my life, lightness, and fun!”

“Realization: Permaculture is a thought process that can be applied to all systems.”

“This course is the most exciting one I’ve ever attended because it’s all about finding solutions and connecting people together.”

“Hold on to your shorts! The wave of the future is upon us! Everyone should be exposed to permaculture. It’s the only way to live!”

“I’ve had my permaculture friends tell me this course changed their life. I never understood why, or what the fuss was about, until I did the course myself. It is a paradigm shift to a much nicer and better paradigm. Don’t hesitate to do this course!”

“This course rebooted my life. I am no longer bluescreening, but ready to connect further.”

Who Takes This Permaculture Design Course?

  • Artists
  • Do it yourselfers
  • Educators – homeschool, teachers, professors
  • Gardeners
  • Green architects/builders
  • Green consultants
  • Homesteaders
  • Landscapers
  • Natural health practitioners
  • Non-profit/community organizers
  • People who care about the earth and each other
  • People who love healthy food
  • Permaculturists
  • Policy makers
  • Professionals (of many types)
  • Recent college graduates
  • Students
  • Urban and rural farmers
  • Vegan, raw food, slow food, and/or local food
  • Yoga practitioners

Permaculture Design Course

Moccasin Lake Nature Park
2750 Park Trail Lane
Clearwater, FL 33759


Saturdays and Sundays

Seven Weekends

Beginning on September 15, ending November 18, 2012

9 AM to 5 PM

To register for entire course or individual weekends

Call Bob Lawrason, 727-831-5832